Small Fiberglass Shower Stalls

Fiberglass shower stalls – Despite having small bathroom with limited space, you can certainly do that is spacious and comfortable with the help of the correct choice of showers for small bathrooms. By adding the right shower for your small bathroom, you will surely get a quarter of small but comfortable bathroom and emits a [...]

Ruffle Shower Curtain Image

Dress up your bathroom by a delicate, with ruffle shower curtain. Keep putting subtle look is just one wheel in the shade. Ruffle curtain are panels hanging from a rod with pleating hooks or rings. There are a few different styles of ruffles. The most popular are the double pleated panels and triple. To make [...]

Nautical Cool Anchor Shower Curtain

Anchor shower curtain┬árod cement may seem like daunting task. You’re probably reconsidering hang curtains there after all. However, with the right tools, the task is almost as easy as hanging bars on any other surface. Instead of using screws or nails that come standard with curtain rod, use concrete screws so you can attach the [...]

Marble Subway Tile Shower

Subway tile shower – When we build or renovate every room in the house deserves special attention in accordance with the functionality and comfort that it will offer. For bathrooms, these two points are crucial. The style and decor to them must be made according to the number of people in the house and habits. [...]

Glitter toilet seat blue

Although tiles and paint a bathroom make up a large part of the overall aesthetics of the room, the necessary accessories such as toilet attract the eye. Because of this, glitter toilet seat are available in various colors. Having multiple colors to choose from helps a homeowner to match the glitter toilet seat to the [...]

Modern Toilet Paper Holders

Loose toilet paper holders are an annoying every time you stretch to make some paper inconvenience. However, you should not just accept this problem for the future. Instead, you can examine the holder, determine how to fix it and take action. Remove the toilet paper roll holder if it obstructs your view of how the [...]

Shower Stalls for Small Bathrooms Ideas

Shower stalls for small bathrooms – Applying the shower for a small bathroom has become a favorite trend these days. In general, it has been shown that people love water spray that can soothe and help release the stress of a hectic day at work. You do not need huge spacious room to apply this [...]

elegant small corner shower stalls

corner shower stalls you’re tired of traditional shower curtains left the bathroom floor filled with water, maybe it’s time to replace them with a practical shower. There are plenty of models, designs and sizes ranging from 60 cm. to 120, with a height between 180 and 200 cm. The range of crystals that can be [...]

Round Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light.

Bathroom exhaust fan with light, in this consecration of Britannica, we will explain how to install an exhaust fan, which will occupy the place will the vent and connect to turn the bathroom light. The extractors are very useful accessories that increasingly more often found in toilets and bathrooms. Besides eliminating smoke and odors, installation [...]

Pebble Bath Mat Image

If you have ever coveted one of those fancy, pebble bath mat-inspired spa sold in stores decoration, but resisted the selling price, consider making your own. Smooth river stones are available in craft stores in all sizes and shades, so you can personalize your mat by combining stones of different sizes and colors or use [...]